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The Greeks and Romans did it, as did rich lords, film stars, artists, and thousands of tourists. They were just going to pass by but instead remained in Nice and along the Riviera. Some for just a few weeks, others for months and years. They were too captivated by the light, enchanted by the scents, and charmed by the taste of olives, wine, and succulent vegetables. In addition to this, a Nice Nouveau has evolved – a sassy Mediterranean metropolis with pulsating nightlife, new avant-garde hotels, and daring art galleries. All this with a chance to dabble their toes in a turquoise sea!


The Shopping to Visit

A women shopping

Galeries Lafayette

This is France’s Rolls-Royce of department stores. Here you will find many of the finest things that France has to offer in the way of clothes and souvenirs. It is also centrally located – even if slightly hidden behind its pillared arcades. Essential place to shop during the big sales in January and July.

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Textile shop in Nice

Notre-Dame-Jean-Médecin-rue de Paradis

First take a walk along the avenue de Notre Dame. You can find some labels at bargain prices for children in places like Bisque-Bisque Rage! At the Basilica, turn south along the avenue Jean-Médecin. This avenue cannot (and should not) be missed. This is where you will find many of the major brands like Zara - Spain’s answer to H&M, Monoprix, Quick Silver and Virgin Megastore. In addition, there are a number of brasseries where you can take a break. Turn off onto the rue de la Liberté, (this is when the fashion thermometer starts to rise) and end up with the rue de la Liberté. This could be called Nirvana.It is hotter than hot here – you should be able to find everything that makes French fashion what it is - Kenzo, Chanel, Mont Blanc…End by going back to the Place Magenta and turn left onto the designer street, the rue Buffa, and visit, for example, Halogène at number 21.

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Rue St-François de Paule

Rue St-François de Paule-Préfecturerue

At rue St-François de Paule, you can revel in tasting Alziari’s world-famous olive oil. Or why not enjoy the fragrance of Bruno, the truffle king’s black fungi? Not to mention the sweets at Maison Auers! Take a look at Nice’s pulsing heart, the ProvProvençal- scented flower market (marché aux Fleurs), then turn eastwards along the rue de la Préfecture. Don’t miss either the Antic Boutik or one of the other stylish fashion shops (Asso, Habit Magique).If the Cours Saleya is Nice’s heart, its main artery is the rue Droite. Walk along it. Look in on some of the many art galleries and souvenir shops, or stop and relax in a café.

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Place Masséna au crépuscule (Nice)

Mamac - Gioffredo-Gubernatis - Masséna

After a visit to the Modern Museum (Mamac) and its souvenir shop, walk along rue Defly to rue Gioffredo. This houses an interesting range of everything from home furnishings to a milliner. Take a peek at rue Gubernatis – if for no other reason than to stock up on wine bottles at nos. 16 and 17. If you still have not found what you want, try the Galeries Lafayette department store.

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In recent years, Monoprix – with its food and clothing departments – has gained an increasing cult status. This is where you can really find an exciting selection of goods at low prices. Look out especially for their own-label brands on the delicatessen shelves.

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Shopping mall


If you are travelling with your teenage kid, be careful to go to Cap3000 because you just might end up spending the night here. This big shopping mall has 150 shops and restaurants, needless to say that you will find anything that you are looking for.

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