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Student accommodation in Bovisa

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Living in Bovisa

Bovisa is a working-class neighborhood with a huge train station, humble houses and old factories. Can there be anything better?

 Yes, especially when the buildings of the old factories are renewed and are used by the university or they house an important museum of contemporary art or university accommodation. Bovisa is all this and more. It is a unique neighborhood that is living a second youth, thanks to the premises and the activity that generates the campus of the Polytechnic University.

Try a crep in Todo Mondo, one of the students favorite places to eat and spend the summer afternoons in the secret garden behind the Plats. If you enjoy yourself so well that it gets quite late you can always make a small stop at Chiesa Vecchia and eat something quick before returning home.


The neighborhood is located in the north-west area of Milan, just across the ring road, although very well connected to the center. Looking for student rooms in Bovisa is not only a convenient but convenient option. Tram number 2 connects Piazzale Bausan with the center of Milan, and bus 82 stops directly at the central station. Lines 90 and 91 run all along the ring road and also run overnight.

Also, from the Bovisa train station you can go to Cadorna station with the S3 and S4 lines or until Porta Garibaldi with the line S2. The yellow metro line (M3) passes through the eastern area of Bovisa and the most convenient stops are Maciachini or Dergano. It is no wonder that it is one of the favorite areas for students to look for a shared flat or room in Milan.


Bovisa houses the campus with the same name, part of the Polytechnic University, which now almost outsizes the original campus. Part of the university is located in via Candiani and via Durando, where also the faculties of Design and Architecture are. The other part is located south of the railways, between via La Masa and the famous pipes, where the Engineering faculties are.


It is not necessary to study at the Polytechnic University to find student accommodation in Bovisa. From here it is easy to travel to the centrally located University of Milan if your house is near the yellow metro line, but you can also go to the Catholic University by taking the train to Cadorna.




About the city

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