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Marseille is the undiscovered jewel in the crown of France’s Mediterranean coastline. The rocky hills of Provence look down onto the ancient port and the thousands of boats docked in its clear blue waters. Countless artists have been seduced by the sunny climate and the hustle-and-bustle of the town. France’s second city has all you could ask for - beautiful beaches, ancient buildings, thriving arts, and a dynamic nightlife. Welcome to a place fiercely proud of its unique cultural heritage, dubbed "Planet Mars" by its youthful population.

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Place Castellane

This is an impressive Marseille roundabout where many tourist photos have been taken. It is a major transport hub, whose focal point is a large fountain with an interesting obelisk statue. There are several cafés around the square's perimeter and off down the streets of the neighbourhood.

La Corniche

Enjoy this romantic walkway along the sea and the stunning views that it provides. En route you will see the Château d'If, as well as beautiful coves called "calanques". The entire 12-kilometre long Corniche leading down to the Prado Beaches is best explored by bike, with stops for photos and dining.

Château d'If

Château d'If was, historically, France’s very own Alcatraz, built in 1527 and used as a prison in the 17th century. This place was the inspiration for Alexandre Dumas's novel "The Count of Monte Cristo", and occupies an island of its own 1.5 km offshore.

Palais Longchamp

Palais Longchamp is an extraordinary, majestic building right in the middle of the city that throws you years back in time with its ornamental staircases and large fountains. The building houses the Musée des Beaux-Arts and the Natural History Museum.

Best things to do in marseille

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