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The impressive, enchanting shadow of the Alhambra casts a magical spell upon all those who pass through Granada. A city of legends, of travellers and pirates — lore comes to life in the warren of the Albayzin, and in the inescapable presence of the ancient Moorish castle, the famous Alhambra. The Sierra Nevada Mountains provide an impressive backdrop and add to the enchanting feel of this mysterious place.

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Hammam Arab Baths

In this authentic ancient house, visitors are welcome to indulge in an Arabic style bath. The smells of scented oils waft through the air as you relax in the hot or cool pools, or enjoy a massage. There is a rooftop restaurant and teahouse onsite.

Generalife Garden

Overlooking the impressive Alhambra palace lies the lovely Generalife Garden. With its bright flowerbeds and picturesque fountains, its higher and lower gardens are the ideal spot for an evening stroll. You don’t want to miss this Andalusian scenery with great architecture in a floral setting on your holiday pictures.

Basílica de San Juan de Dios

This 18th century Baroque Basilica glistens with gold on the inside, and on the outside. Discover treasures of the past and visit the final resting place of important Spanish clerics. Take a tour with one of the friendly guides and learn about the history and background of this place of worship.

Cathedral of Santa María de la Encarnación

The Cathedral of Santa María de la Encarnación is Grenada’s most famous cavernous Renaissance and Gothic cathedral. There is a small museum adjacent to the church.