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Glasgow is the 21st-century magnet of Great Britain, with an energetic yet sophisticated vibe. Formerly Britain's major centre of industrial prowess, it has transformed into a booming hub for art and culture in the past decades. The city prides itself on a never-ending stream of up-and-coming musicians and a thriving nightlife. Glasgow is also home to many excellent modern Scottish restaurants dedicated to preserving their Scottish heritage. Some of the best shopping in the country can be found here, too.

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Cycling in Glasgow

A guided tour by bike is a great way to explore Glasgow's landmarks from a new angle, meet new people and work off last night's haggis. The tours often touch upon big-name watering holes, and you can choose from a range of themes or even organise a completely custom trip.

Glasgow Tigers Speedway

For motor sport fans, the Glasgow Tigers Speedway is a must with weekly competitions, excellent viewing points (including from the in-house bar) and even a children's "Growlers Club" where the young ones get to meet the Tiger's mascot.

Glasgow Cathedral

With the first stones laid in 1136, Glasgow Cathedral is the oldest in mainland Scotland, but its origins date back even earlier to the 6th century. Here you can immerse yourself in the details of Gothic architecture and the relics of medieval history.

Buchanan Street

One of Glasgow's main arteries is a lively, pedestrian-friendly street with an abundance of shopping locales, eateries, street performers, and some prime examples of fine Scottish architecture. A shopping hotspot by day, it's also home to some very popular bars and remains busy until late.