Hello, frankfurt

Frankfurt is conveniently situated in the heart of both Germany and Europe. Its international airport, which is directly accessible from all across the globe, is only a few minutes from Frankfurt's main train station, one of the largest in Germany. Frankfurt is a great walking city, and the vast majority of its downtown destinations may be reached on foot. There is also a well-developed public transport system, which connects Frankfurt with the surrounding Rhine-Main Region both quickly and easily.

The City
Immerse yourself in the 1,200-year history of the Main metropolis. Countless sightseeing attractions serve to highlight both the former and the current importance of Frankfurt am Main. The city stands for innovation and development, and it is a place where trends are set and ideas become reality. Frankfurt's architecture ranks among the most modern in all of Europe. Trendy bars, pubs, up-and-coming fashion labels and a booming creative industry mirrors Frankfurt zeitgeist. Frankfurt's significance as a bustling international trade and finance location dates back to the Middle Ages. Today, the city is a popular shopping paradise, offering a colourful range of products and services for every taste and every pocketbook. The city also has a warm and cosy side: rest and recuperate at one of the traditional apple wine pubs of Old Sachsenhausen, visit one of the 48 beautiful parks and gardens or stroll along the river Main, Frankfurt's majestic water-way, which meanders gracefully through the heart of the city.