Hello, cardiff

Cardiff, the youngest capital city in Europe, is known for its castle, art, dragons, river, Victorian arcades, parks, rugby, music, university, bay, and Brains beer. This diverse list of attractions means that whether you enjoy art, rugby, historical castles, modern architecture, classical music, or new bands in pubs, Cardiff has something for everyone.


The Shopping to Visit

Cardiff Market

Cardiff Central Market

Cardiff’s biggest and oldest indoor market. It's housed within a Victorian structure built in 1891, even though the market itself is much older, probably dating back to the 18th century. The market sells everything from fresh local produce to all sorts of objects and utensils.

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Young couple shopping together

St David's Dewi Sant

A big shopping centre in The Hayes in Central Cardiff, St David's contains several stores,both big chains and small shops, as well as cafes and restaurants and is one of the city's major shopping destinations.

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Royal Arcade Cardiff

Royal Arcade

There are many shopping arcades in Cardiff, but the Royal Arcade is the oldest. Inside you will find several stores and independent shops selling all kinds of items, ranging from gifts and souvenirs to homeware and jewellery.

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Old objects in a flea market

The Pumping Station

The Pumping Station is a three-storey antique market located in an old Victorian pumping house. It houses a plethora of antique traders that sell a host of different objects and artefacts from the Victorian era to the present, including furniture, clothes, jewellery, silverware and anything you can imagine. It also has a cafe so that you can have a drink and rest your tired legs.

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Two women in a shopping centre

Capitol Shopping Centre

Another big shopping mall in the city centre, it offers custumers a modern shopping experience with a lot of different stores and leisure activities, such as gyms, cafes, restaurants and a cinema.

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Woman buying souvenirs

Castle Welsh Crafts

This little gift shop sells souvenirs like toys, clothes and the beautifully carved Welsh lovespoons, with the possibility of having your name (or your loved one's) engraved on top. The perfect gift to bring home from Cardiff.

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