Hello, budapest

Budapest is a truly authentic and historic European capital, but it also has an innovative, pulsating personality--making it a versatile and cosmopolitan city. The beautiful built and natural environment, the grandiose architecture, the historical thermal spas, the diverse and vibrant gastronomy, a blossoming fashion and design scene, and the rich cultural life define Budapest’s sparkling and original character. Come with us and indulge in the spice that is Budapest. Make memories you will remember for the rest of your life.

The City
Budapest is a very central European and a global city at the same time. This apparent paradox is due to its lively history, its diverse population and the continuous, inspirational blend of cultures. The city’s liberating atmosphere continually stimulates your senses. Budapest’s spice derives from its vitality and cultural effervescence, and we Hungarians use the city in a creative way. We are able to do “usual” things unusually well. Let us show you the majestic Buda castle hosting a wine festival, the Liberty bridge turning into a picnic spot above the Danube river, or the unique vibe of the ruin bars in the Jewish District. It is almost impossible to list everything that is worth doing, seeing or tasting in Budapest, especially because a journey in and around the Hungarian capital will surely lead to personal discoveries as well for each visitor.