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Celebrating wine, gastronomy, arts and culture, Bordeaux is a city that represents the very essence of the French spirit. Located in the southwest of France, on the Garonne River, Bordeaux casts its charms around the region through its broad pedestrian boulevards, gorgeous squares, modern buildings and historical architecture. Pay a visit to Bordeaux on your next trip to France and see why the city was once elected as "European Best Destination".

City Information

Essential Information about the city

Tower airpoort Bordeaux

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (BOD)

Bordeaux is primarily served by Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (BOD), which is the main international airport in the region. It's located in the commune of Mérignac, approximately 12 kilometres west of Bordeaux city centre. The airport provides flights to numerous destinations across Europe and some international locations. It's well connected to the city by public transport, making it convenient for travellers.The 30’Direct offers a direct 30-minute service between Bordeaux Airport and Saint-Jean train station. Bordeaux tramway's Line A links the airport with the city centre since the end of April 2023.Taxis are available outside Hall A. An average trip to the city centre will cost you about €30 during the day and €45 at night.

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tram in Bordeaux

Public Transport

Bordeaux offers a variety of public transportation options, making it easy to navigate the city. The TBM (Transport Bordeaux Métropole) network operates trams, buses and a river shuttle. The tram system is particularly comprehensive with four lines (A, B, C and D) that cross the city and connect major points of interest. Buses complement the tram services and cover more extensive areas. The river shuttle, Bat3, offers a scenic route along the Garonne River. For those preferring self-guided transport, the V3 (also known as VCub) bike rental service is a popular choice, with numerous docking stations around the city.A good tip is to invest in a Bordeaux City-Pass card that you can buy in the tourist office. It includes free entry to several museums as well as free travel on municipal buses and trams.

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woman driving a car


There are many taxis and taxi stations available all around Bordeaux.Taxis Mérignac : +33 05 56 97 11 27Taxis 33 : +33 05 56 74 95 06Taxis Alliance : +33 05 56 77 24 24Taxis Télé : +33 05 56 96 00 34Taxis Girondins : +33 05 56 80 70 37Bicycle-Taxis are also available in the city centre.

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old yellow mailbox in France


Bordeaux is well-serviced by a network of post offices, typically found in shopping centres and on main streets, with varied operating hours. Additionally, stamps can conveniently be purchased in "Bureaux de tabac". Letters or postcards can be posted in the distinct yellow and blue post boxes scattered around the city. These post offices also provide international postage and parcel services, making it easy to send a piece of Bordeaux to loved ones abroad.

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green pharmacy cross


Pharmacies in Bordeaux are easily identified by the green cross, often illuminated, on their exteriors. They are well-stocked with over-the-counter medications and also fulfil prescriptions. However, note that only a select few remain open after 10pm. In case of a late-night medicinal need, check the SOS Medecins website or call 3237 to find the closest on-duty pharmacy.

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man holding a phone

Telephone & WiFi

Country code + 33Bordeaux Council offer free WiFi hotspots around the city, in libraries and main attractions.

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plug type E


In Bordeaux, as in the rest of France, the power supply is 220-240 volts and 50Hz. The plug type used is the Type C plug, which has two round pins. Plug type E has an additional hole for the socket's male earthing pin.

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