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The Basque city of Bilbao is a spellbinding capital of art, design and gastronomy. With one of the world’s finest buildings – the Guggenheim – at its heart, Bilbao dazzles with style and energy, boasts a unique identity and speaks Europe’s oldest and most enigmatic language - Euskara.

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City Sightseeing By Bike

Explore the city by bike either by yourselves or as part of a guided bike tour. This is a different way to get to know Bilbao and to learn more about its culture. One of the more popular bike tours is the tour provided by the international Baja Bikes. The bike tour will provide you with a local English speaking guide and take you to all the highlights of Bilbao, such as the Guggenheim museum. It even includes a variety of pintxo's and a drink, a nice way to refresh after cycling your way through the city.

St. James' Cathedral

St. James is the patron of Bilbao, and this cathedral is dedicated to the saint. The Gothic architecture dates back to the 15th century, which makes it the oldest church of Bilbao. It has been renewed several times throughout the years.There are several reasons why this is such a peculiar church. For instance, it's not built in one style, but a combination of three. There is a Gothic cloister, a Renaissance portico, and a neo-Gothic spire.

Iberdrola Tower

This modern building holds a luxury hotel as well as several offices. The Iberdrola Tower was built in 2009, and at 165 meters is one of the highest buildings in Bilbao. The plans to create a building at that exact spot were already being developed in the early 90s.

Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park

The Doña Casilda Park is located by Paseo Don Jose Anselmo Clavé, next to the Museum of Fine Arts. The park was built in 1907 by an architect called Ricardo Bastida. Strolling through this park you will come to a water fountain, basketball and a pavilion for live performances.If the directions are unclear, you can always try asking a local after 'el parque de los patos', or the park with the ducks, as it is affectionately nicknamed.

Best things to do in bilbao

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