University of Rome - La Sapienza

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University of Rome - La Sapienza

Rome, Italy

La Sapienza (Sapienza Università di Roma) is the Sapienza University of Roma. The university is one of oldest in history and has the largest student body in Europe, with almost 150,000 students, so there will always be someone new for you to meet. Besides its reputation for being one of the very best universities in Europe, La Sapienza also runs important research programmes in the fields of natural and biomedical sciences, humanities, and engineering.

It's really easy to get to La Sapienza. You can either take the tram, on lines 2, 3, and 19, the metro to "Policlinico" station, on the MEB line, or one of several buses servicing the area (71, 88, 310, 492, 649, N10, N11).


Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5, 00185 Roma, Italy

Phone number: +39 0649911

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