Valencia - Spain

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Valencia, Spain

An area to be discovered, the neighbourhood of Patraix is becoming more and more popular. Located at a 20 minutes’ walk from the city centre, this lovely neighbourhood is only now coming to the spotlight. This is a very traditional neighbourhood with a small-town feeling. Neighbours know each other and greet at the street. The neighbourhood preserves local Spanish business that go from restaurants to clothing shops. The traditional traditional buildings and squares are been rebuilt without losing its character and yet rents are kept at low prices. During the night you can meet your friends at a local bar or pub for a beer and perhaps a bit of salsa dancing.

The neighbours

Newly formed families are coming to the neighbourhood to escape the rush of the city centre.

Interesting points

Try one of the local salsa clubs for a true traditional Spanish experience.

You will fall in love with

With the small-town feeling.

The lifestyle

Traditions, neighbours that know each other and local shops are all things you will find in here.



About the city

You have to go to Valencia if you love the sea! This typically Mediterranean, coastal city is perfect for international students. The city combines local tradition with modernism really well.

Studying in Valencia, you’ll be next to some of the Europe’s finest beaches, with great weather almost year-around. Make sure you make the most of this exotic city’s healthy fish-based cuisine!

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