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Valencia, Spain

L’Eixample is characterized by its ethnically diverse and cultured atmosphere. Located near the city centre, L’Eixample’s attracts local business and well as international food chains. Its buildings follow a modernist-style, aftearall this is the home of Santiago Calatrava’s, a neo-futuristic architecture. One of its most famous works, the City of Arts and Sciences it’s a must in the neighbourhood. It consist in 4 main buildings: The Hemisfèric - an IMAX cinema - , the Science Museum, the Oceanogràfic - an aquarium designed by Félix Candela - , and the Palacio de las Artes.
The cultural neighbourhood attracts many students, that gather in Plaça de Canovas to go out at night.

The neighbours

Due to its proximity to the city centre, L'Eixample attracts locals, students and tourists.

You'll fall in love with

With the cultural richness of the neighbourhood.

Interesting points

Mercado de Colón is a beautiful example of Spanish modernist architecture, this market building is now full of cafés and bars, and it has a gourmet food market.

The lifestyle

There is always something to see in L'Eixample.


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