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Rome, Italy

Trevi neighbourhood is at the central of it all. Located at a walking distance of almost every historical monument, this neighbourhood contains the most famous landmark of the eternal city. Trevi is the most famous fountain in Rome and one of the most photographed in the world. The majestic fountain is certainly the main point of the neighbourhood attracting thousands of visitors every day. Hidden of the narrow streets are some of the best ice-cream shops in Rome. Boutique hotels, kitschy shops and restaurants line on the streets that lead to the magical fountain. After a night out dancing at Shari Vari, make your way home through the fountain. If you are lucky, there won't be anyone there but you.

The neighbours

This is a touristic neighbourhood with many hotels and excursions, making this a busy neighbourhood during the day.

Interesting points

Fontana di Trevi. Legend has it that if you want to return to Rome, you have to trough a coin to Trevi. It is worth to visit both by day and night.

You will fall in love with

The narrow picturesque streets hide wonderful secrets.

The lifestyle

Restaurants and hotels line up on the streets leading to Rome's most famous fountain and attracting many tourists.



About the city

Rome is a crazy and quirky city where you’ll never, ever find yourself bored. This city has it all for adventuring spirits: unique neighbourhoods to be discovered, ruins to explore, gardens and museums to visit.

Studying in Rome, you’ll see a completely different side of the city to the one tourists see. Instead of queueing for hours to see the Colosseum, or the Fontana di Trevi, you’ll go there with your friends at night. Drinking and talking for hours under these spots, you know are memories you’ll never forget.

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