Castro Pretorio

Castro Pretorio

Rome - Italy

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Castro Pretorio

Rome, Italy

Castro Pretorio is a neighbourhood of ancient ruins. The neighbourhood has much to see, including the artefacts at Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, and the Baths of Diocletian as well as several ancient churches. This makes it a popular area among tourists. Castro Pretorio is built around Rome's main train station, Termini Station. People coming here originate from all over the world, making Castro Pretorio one of the most multilingual and multicultural districts in the city. Due to its mix of cultures, it is possible to try from Chinese to Turkish cuisines without leaving the neighbourhood and at affordable prices. The proximity to the train and bus terminal and the connection to the city’s metro grid make it easy to move around and to travel to other cities.

The neighbours

Castro Pretorio is a multicultural neighbourhood where the richness of diversity is celebrated.

Interesting points

Terme di Diocleziano were the largest of the imperial baths in Rome.

You will fall in love with

The neighbourhood is extremely central and its proximity to Termini make it an ideal place for travellers.

The lifestyle

The neighbourhood has affordable dining and shopping options and a convenient location.



About the city

Rome is a crazy and quirky city where you’ll never, ever find yourself bored. This city has it all for adventuring spirits: unique neighbourhoods to be discovered, ruins to explore, gardens and museums to visit.

Studying in Rome, you’ll see a completely different side of the city to the one tourists see. Instead of queueing for hours to see the Colosseum, or the Fontana di Trevi, you’ll go there with your friends at night. Drinking and talking for hours under these spots, you know are memories you’ll never forget.

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