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Welcome to Alessandrino

Rome, Italy

Located in the historical centre, Parione is the best place for food lovers. In this neighbourhood you will find some of the best food and markets. Here the delicious food mixes with entertainment and music in a edgy atmosphere.
Filled with street artists, the neighbourhood’s most famous place is Piazza Navona. One of the most beloved public plazas in Rome, Navona is home to the famous Bernini fountain and to the Chiesa di Sant'Agnese in Agone, a beautiful church. Buy an ice-cream in one of the many gelaterie in the area and sit down at the Plaza enjoying its beauty. From here you can walk to the most famous attractions in Rome such as the Pantheon and many museums.

The neighbours

This is an area popular among tourists. Local people that have lived in the neighbourhood their entire lives stare at the window as they see the mass of tourists pass by.

You'll fall in love with

Try a gellato in the famous ice-cream shop Frigidarium, some say it is the best ice-cream shop in Rome.

Interesting points

Piazza Navona is impressive for it's monuments and paintings of the street artists.

The lifestyle

This is a very central area near some major attractions in Rome.

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