São Mamede de Infesta

São Mamede de Infesta

Porto - Portugal

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São Mamede de Infesta

Porto, Portugal

São Mamede de Infesta is a residential neighbourhood in Matosinhos. The neighbourhood is characterised by its low-raise buildings and villas. The neighbourhood has many cafes, groceries stores with fresh products, wine shops where you can have fun times with friends and restaurants with delicious local dishes. For the sunny days, a stroll around Parque Urbano dos Amores is the best option. Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto is located in the neighbourhood, attracting many students. If you are coming to study here you have to go watch a match of the local district team.

The neighbours

The neighbourhood in inhabited by students and local families with children.

Interesting points

If you are a student living here, you have to go watch a match of the local team.

You will fall in love with

With the slow pace and sense of familiarity you will get while living in São Mamede de Infesta.

The lifestyle

Away from the rushed pace of the city centre, life is calm and quiet.



About the city

Porto is a city with character. Studying in Porto is all about living and loving that work-hard, party-hard spirit. From the welcoming weeks (so-called Praxe) to celebrating graduation at the Queima das Fitas, student traditions embrace this.

Eat the best sandwich in the world - the Francesinha - try the famous local Port wine, and enjoy the student spots such as Ribeira and Piolho with your friends, or just meeting new people.

If you’re going to study here, we have apartments in Porto for Erasmus and other international students.