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Welcome to Santa Marinha

Porto, Portugal

Santa Marinha is an antique neighbourhood located in Vila Nova de Gaia. This residential neighbourhood by the river has a great life quality. You can stroll by the shores of Douro River at the end of the afternoon or even enjoy a beer with a view in the flowery Jardim do Morro.
The famous pedestrian bridge that connects Vila Nova de Gaia to Porto, Ponte Dom Luís I, is the ideal place for a photo. With the metro passing by, it gets very easy to reach any part of the city.
If you are a wine fan, you will pleased to know that the world famous Porto Wine Caves are located in here. For a different day, gather your friends and schedule a wine tasting.

The neighbours

Local families and young workers starting out on their first job live here.

You'll fall in love with

Caves do Douro, where the wine is made, are an alternative plan for a bohemian afternoon.

Interesting points

Dom Luís I Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that connects Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto. The view from the bridge is amazing.

The lifestyle

Cheaper than Porto's centre, the area is extremely well connected and offers delightful views of the river.

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