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Porto, Portugal

Located in Gondomar, just outside Porto, there is the neighbourhood of Rio Tinto. This calm residential neighbourhood has many supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, guaranteeing you will have everything you need. The biggest shopping centre in the neighbourhood is Parque nascente, with many stores.
Due to its location, rents are cheaper than in the centre of Porto. You can easily reach the city centre by catching the metro or the train.
The neighbourhood is located near Camapanhã, the main train station in the north region that has trains travelling to the rest of the country.

The neighbours

There are not many tourists in this area, mostly local families live in here.

You'll fall in love with

With the good transportation connections that make it easy to reach any place not only in Porto, but in Portugal.

Interesting points

Igreja Matriz de Rio Tinto is the local church that is covered in tiles.

The lifestyle

Life in this residential neighbourhood is calm and quiet.

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