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Welcome to Pedrouços

Porto, Portugal

Pedrouços is a neighbourhood in Maia. This is a calm residential area that has recently been through a re-qualification project. New life was given to the public spaces, which included a project to improve the main avenue and the maintenance of the luminous fountain, a landmark of the neighbourhood.
There were made improvements to the access and so new building started being constructed, and new business started opening. The area has several commercial spots, cafes and restaurants, guaranteeing you will find all you need for your daily life. On Sundays, the local market has many stalls with fresh fruit and fish (usually with better prices than the supermarkets)

The neighbours

The neighbours are people working in the Porto centre or in the Maia area.

You'll fall in love with

The neighbourhood is very close to Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto.

Interesting points

Torreão de Pedrouços is a big abandoned tower.

The lifestyle

This is a calm residential neighbourhood.

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