11e - Bastille - République

11e - Bastille - République

Paris - France

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11e - Bastille - République

Paris, France

The 11th arrondissement is the perfect district if you want to get a real insight of a proper Parisian lifestyle. This arrondissement in itself could be divided into several districts: from one street to another, you find yourself in a wealthy area or in a very modest zone with a strong ethnic minority presence (such as Ménilmontant and Belleville, where Chinese, Arabic and African communities coexists). The 11th arrondissement is perfect for students, for various reasons. First of all, the rental prices are reasonable compared to most other arrondissements, but it remains a safe zone. Second, it is a very practical area in terms of transportation. République is one of the biggest Parisian metro station as it serves 5 different lines, in addition to being a great spot to hang out. It has recently been fully renovated to make it a leisure-oriented place with limited car access. More generally, the whole 11th is full of trendy bars and small alternative clubs, especially in the very hype district of Oberkampf.

The neighbours

The 11th arrondissement has recently become a favoured destination for the hipsters and wealthier social classes, which gives the area a rejuvenated, youthful vibe.

Interesting points

Le cimetière du Père Lachaise, the largest Parisian cemetery – where several legends such as Molière, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison are buried.

You will fall in love with

La Bastille. This square, crucial to French history, is nowadays known for its multiple bars and restaurants, and for generally being one of the coolest areas of the city.



About the city

The river, the museums, the cuisine, the Eiffel Tower - studying in Paris is an unforgettable adventure. Not to mention all the croissants, baguettes and pains au chocolat you can have to cure your hangover after a French wine-fuelled night out along the Seine.

In Paris, students get a chance to enrich themselves culturally like nowhere else in the world. Every first Sunday of the month, most state-run museums are free for students. However, you’ll have to practice your French while you’re here, as the Parisians much prefer you to address them in their native language.

You can be sure of one thing: after your semester in Paris, you will have fallen in love with the city of love!

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