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Munich, Germany

Au-Haidhausen is formed by the Au and Haidhausen districts. Au is located in the east of the city on the shore of the river Isar. This is a calm, green, and pleasant residential area, with cafes and restaurants. Nowadays many young people and families live here. For traditional commerce, visit Auer Dult, the market that takes place three times a year where pottery and antiques are sold. The area of Haidhausen is known for its small houses and winding alleys, giving it a small-town feeling. Here you can find the cultural centre Gasteig and the Bavarian Parliament as well as art-nouveau buildings.

The neighbours

The neighbours are young people and local families.

Interesting points

Deutsche Museum (German Museum) is located in this neighbourhood.

You will fall in love with

The neighbourhood's art-nouveau buildings are beautiful architectural works.

The lifestyle

The green residential neighbourhood has a slow pace and a small-town feeling.



About the city

Munich is a city that prides itself on its traditions. The capital of Bavaria has a huge amount of international students, who come here with high expectations, and never leave disappointed. Munich’s universities are amongst Europe’s finest, and the city has an infinite amount of things to explore – especially music and theatre venues.

Like in most of Germany, Munich’s nightlife is vibrant. The international community blends well with the locals, making it easy for new friendships to be born on any night out. House parties are also a very common event here in Munich. Get packing and come study in Munich!

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