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Welcome to Città Studi - Politecnico

Milan, Italy

"Città Studi is located in the north-est of Milan. This is a neighbourhood popular among students due to its proximity to the Politecnico and Statale University. This is where most scientific branches of the University of Milan are based, so usually science and engineering students choose this neighbourhood to live together with the Architecture ones.
The area has a lot of green parks, which are the perfect spot for a summer pic-nic like the one in front of the Polytechnic campus.
As a students neighbourhood, Città Studi has a lot of options when it comes to dining out. In here you can find cheap bars and restaurants. The neighbourhood is popular for those who prefer to live near their universities."

The neighbours

Your downstairs neighbour will be a student, your front neighbour will be a student ... well you get it, this is a student neighbourhood.

You'll fall in love with

With the cheap restaurants where you can try the local food.

Interesting points

Politecnico gathers students form sciences and engineering. This is where the big ideas are born.

The lifestyle

As a student neighbourhood, it is common to find students from different nationalities at the local coffee shops and bars.


1 500€
all bills included
Entire property Available from 25 Feb
all bills included
Bedroom Available from 01 Mar
all bills included
Bedroom Available from 23 Feb

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