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Welcome to Bicocca

Milan, Italy

"Bicocca is a peripheral district that is home to the University of Milan Bicocca, recognizable by its distinct architecture. So the neighbourhood has been attracting more and more students. The campus as a life of itself, containing coffee shops, a multiplex and a shopping center along with Hangar Bicocca, one of the most famous museums of Contemporary Art. The art gallery offers bicycle tours of the Bicocca area, as part of the ""Bicocca Project,"" that showcases the former industrial zone as a vibrant arts scene.
Parco Nord, one of the largest parks in Europe involves the entire area. Inside is the recently constructed theater Arcimboldi where concerts are shows are organized."

The neighbours

The neighbourhood is really popular among students of the University of Milan Bicocca.

You'll fall in love with

By the distinct architecture.

Interesting points

Hangar Bicocca museum of contemporary art.

The lifestyle

The life is Bicocca is marked by the artistic movements that are bringing a new life to the neighbourhood.

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