Lavapiés- Embajadores (Centro)

Lavapiés- Embajadores (Centro)

Madrid - Spain

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Lavapiés- Embajadores (Centro)

Madrid, Spain

The neighbourhood truly represents the fusion of cultures in Madrid. The typical Madrid restaurants share walls with restaurants from all over the world. The narrow streets preserve the neighbourhood’s medieval heritage. The typical construction in the area is called corralas. These are building of various heights built around a central courtyard. Lavapiés has always been a humble neighbourhood, which is why until the 80’s it was inhabited mostly by elder people. Nowadays, thanks to its cheap rents, multiculturalism, and culture activities it attracts many young people. The neighbourhood is specially known by the San Lorenzo festivities that occur in August, attracting visitors from all over Madrid.

The neighbours

Lavapiès is a meeting point for different cultures.

Interesting points

La Casa Encendida is a cultural centre where the most avant-garde artistic movements share space with workshops and courses.

You will fall in love with

There are cultural activities non-stop, always with a solidarity and social background.

The lifestyle

Madrid's costumes live in harmony with the customs and traditions of the immigrant population of different origins that settled here.



About the city

Living in Madrid is an incredible experience. Madrid is the best place in the country to savour all that Spanish cuisine has to offer, as well so many other local traditions. Here, you will always have something new to do, as Madrid is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

Madrid is home to one of the world’s most famous museums – the Museo del Prado. However, there are plenty more landmarks and museums to see. Whenever you want to party, the city will be ready for it! Studying in Madrid can’t be done without experiencing the tapas the city is known for. Head over to Malasaña or the party barrios near La Latina to experience just how the Madrileño students enjoy their tapas and cañas.

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