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Madrid, Spain

Living in La Latina is the most authentic experience possible. It’s a typical neighbourhood of Madrid: narrow streets, large, crowded plazas, lively bars and tapas everywhere! This is the kind of neighbourhood that has seen Madrid change but managed to hold on to its very particular character. Authentic and convenient, traditional and diverse, La Latina is definitely one of the best neighbourhoods to live in Madrid.

La Latina has always been one of Madrid’s favourite neighbourhoods for eating great Tapas. Cava Baja and Cava Alta have been the go-to for hungry travellers since the middle ages and some of the most traditional Tapas establishments still stand today. The locals say Cava Baja has more Tapas bars per square metre than any other street in Madrid: while we don’t know how accurate that is, we know that the street is definitely one of the most famous streets for Tapas in the world.

La Latina is Madrid’s oldest neighbourhood. This was where the city started, as an Arab settlement, and it’s been growing into Madrid ever since. A lot of the neighbourhood’s layout is influenced by this: the narrow streets, the large and busy squares are perfect examples.

The neighbours

It's commonplace to see plenty of locals enjoying the bars, restaurants, and nightlife, but there's an increasing amount of students hanging around La Latina, as well as the occasional tourist.

You'll fall in love with

La Latina's spirit. The neighbourhood has a very specific character: colourful and diverse, but at the same time very typical, especially along its narrowest streets lined with tapas bars.

Interesting points

Cava Baja and Cava Alta are La Latina's go-to spot for Tapas. Some of the most traditional Tapas establishments in Madrid still stand here today.

The lifestyle

La Latina is genuine and lively. The neighbourhood gives you the real Madrid experience (not the Real Madrid one!).