Goya (Salamanca)

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Welcome to Goya (Salamanca)

Madrid, Spain

Goya neighbourhood is located in the central area of Salamanca district. Salamanca is Madrid’s most upscale neighbourhood offering prime real estate. As the rest of the district, Goya is known for its chique nightclubs and high-end shoe stores, although it is considered sightly less expensive than the rest of the district areas.
Goya’s main streets, Calle de Alcalá and Calle de Goya, are full of exclusive boutiques and high-end restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy a nice meal. Palacio de los Desportes is located here. The building houses all kind of events, from sports to symposiums.
The area has good transportation links, integrating the city’s metro grid.

The neighbours

High-end Families.

You'll fall in love with

With the atmosphere on the streets.

Interesting points

Palacio de los Desportes.

The lifestyle

Goya is a calm neighbourhood full of exquisite boutiques and restaurants. Life is a bit expensive in here.