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Welcome to El Viso (Chamartin)

Madrid, Spain

El Viso is a neighbourhood that belongs to the district of Chamartín, one of the most exclusive areas in Madrid. The neighbourhood scenario is characterised by large properties and multiple-store houses. In the area you will find exclusive clubs, prestigious restaurants and shops and many other first-class facilities.
As a residential area, it is quieter than other parts of the city, with very little movement. Its proximity to EAE Business School makes it a good neighbourhood for students attending the school.
The neighbourhood has good transportation connections, being close to the Nuevos Ministerios train station. With so much to offer, El Viso, like the other neighbourhoods in Chamartín, has a higher cost of living.

The neighbours

Successful professionals and celebrities live in this district.

You'll fall in love with

This exclusive neighbourhood knows how to offer first-class services and a good quality of life.

Interesting points

Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales.

The lifestyle

If you want to experience elegant restaurants and unique shops in a quiet environment while still being close to the centre, this is the neighbourhood for you.

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