Castellana (Salamanca)

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Welcome to Castellana (Salamanca)

Madrid, Spain

Castellana belongs to the district of Salamanca. Here is where embassies, luxury business and some of the best restaurants. The neighbourhood has a business vibe consolidated by the landscape that is made out of tall buildings, offices, car parks and shopping areas.
Outise the neighbourhood centre, Castellana becomes a residential area with smaller buildings inhabited by families and young couples, with plenty local groceries stores. Here the prices become cheaper and the general vibe calmer.

The neighbours

Local families, young couples and workers.

You'll fall in love with

Paseo de la Castellana is one of the largest avenues in Madrid where you can find exquisite restaurants and luxury stores.

Interesting points

Museo Lázaro Galdiano.

The lifestyle

The centre of the neighbourhood is very business oriented, whilst other areas of the neighbourhood tend to be more residential.

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