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Welcome to Poplar

London, United Kingdom

Poplar manages to mix a traditional working-class population and a new influx of professional bankers. It's in the East of London and just north of Docklands, the City's new financial heart. Rent is rising but you'll still find traces of the old dock-worker culture. The riverside views are incredible and the area is well connected since the completion of the Dockland Light Railway.

Housing in Poplar can be expensive but, for now, there are still cheaper options available. Expect to pay around £150-180 for a cheaper room, but your can find places for £100 per week. Most accommodation in Poplar is in new, dock-side, apartments, as the area was heavily bombed during the second world war.

Living in Poplar is convenient for studying at Greenwich University, Queen Mary University, and the University of East London, or for commuting to universities in the centre. It is well served by the many stations on the Docklands Light Railways such as: All Saint, Poplar, Westferry and West India Quay as well as stations like Canary Wharf (Jubilee).

The neighbours

Poplar is a young professional area (average age 29). As it includes most of the Isle of Dogs and Canary Wharf expect many serious people in suits.

You'll fall in love with

Fall in love with Crisp Street Market which sells the East End favourite 'Pine and Mash'. Alternatively, Billingsgate Fish Market is the UK's largest wholesale fish market, based at Trafalgar Way.

Interesting points

The Prospect of Whitby pub, that sits along the shore of the Thames in Poplar, dates back to around 1520 and used to have a dark reputation with smugglers and sailors alike.

The lifestyle

Young, rich and modern, Poplar is becoming more popular with bankers and financial workers but it still retains a large amount of working-class honestly and charm.

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