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Welcome to Notting Hill

London, United Kingdom

Notting Hill is famous all over the world for the sexy accent of its bookshop owners and all the American actresses that go hide there only to be found by reporters halfway through the movie. It’s also one of London’s richest neighbourhoods, and where one of the most famous carnival parades in Europe take place. So yeah, Notting Hill is kind of a big deal in London.

It is a widely multi-cultural neighbourhood, the kind where you’ll be able to eat great food from pretty much everywhere in the world. It is home to a vibrant artistic community, popular with politicians and a large number of Americans (possibly looking for bookshop owners with sexy accents). Rent are high, of course. The houses are famously colourful, in cute tight streets.

Notting Hill is close to the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in Knightsbridge. Being close to both Central and Circle Line stations means that the commute into the centre for universities like SOAS, The University of London, The University of Westminster, City University, or LSE is quite convenient.

The neighbours

Probably not a bookshop owner with a sexy accent. The area is rich and white, with young wealthy Brits and Americans being the majority of the population.

You'll fall in love with

Portobello Road Market, claiming to be the world's largest antiques market, is a fascinating place to go shopping.

Interesting points

Portobello Road has some unmissable food spots, like Hummingbird Bakery or the Eletric Café.

The lifestyle

Rich, really, but in a gentle, less show-off kind of a way. Notting Hill is very pretty and pretty famous. Nothing much like the movie any more though.

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