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Welcome to Limehouse

London, United Kingdom

Limehouse is one of London's most Yuppie neighbourhoods. This riverside area of East London is a part of Tower Hamlets, a borough that incorporates the super rich banking area of Docklands. This used to be London's old Chinatown, but you're now more likely to run into rich bankers or cleaners working nights, than Chinese fortune-tellers.

Housing in Limehouse is expensive, due to its proximity to London's main business district. Cheaper rooms in shared accommodation of around £150-170 a week are rare but available. Normally you can expect to pay anything up to £300 per week, or even more, for a room in either an older Victorian property or a modern riverside apartment.

Living in Limehouse is convenient for studying at Greenwich University, Queen Mary University, Goldsmiths, London Metropolitan University or for commuting to universities in the centre. In terms of transport, it is connected to the wider city by Limehouse Station (DLR).

The neighbours

You're neighbours are most likely to be 'Yuppies', young bankers and business men who wear expensive suits, vote Conservative and 'flash the cash'.

You'll fall in love with

The views across the Thames, facing out towards Docklands on the Isle of Dogs. Canary Wharf may be one big corporate glass monument but it can look great from just across the water when lit up at nigh

Interesting points

The Husk Coffee & Creative Space. Really, really good coffee and a bunch of great classes to take.

The lifestyle

Young, rich and professional, with the emphasis on money and having lots of it. Limehouse is expensive and modern.

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