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London, United Kingdom

Fulham is a rich neighbourhood. In southwest London, close to Hammersmith and Chelsea. This riverside area is one of London's richest - and most charming. With lovely views of the Thames and a lot of green space, if you find a reasonably priced room here then you've really hit the jackpot. The types of housing in the area are often old pretty residential terraces - but expect them to be extremely expensive. Expect to pay around £200 per week and then anything upwards of that for a double bed in a shared house. Prices of £1,000 a month are not uncommon. Fulham is well connected by the London Transport system. It's only a 10 minute walk to many nearby tube stations. Fulham is convenient for studying at The Royal College of Art, The London School of Dramatic Art or a collection of smaller collages (all in Chelsea), or for commuting to London's many universities in the centre. It is served by Fulham Broadway (District), Parson's Green (District), Barons Court (Piccadilly/District) and other stations.

The neighbours

Your neighbours are most likely to be rich, middle class and possibly a bit posh. But the famous singer Lily Allen was born in the area, so you never know!

Interesting points

Chelsea Football Club's stadium is technically in Fulham. So that's definitely a point to visit: if you're a football fan make sure to watch a match.

You will fall in love with

This is the kind of neighbourhood most people imagine when they daydream of London: very posh and very pretty.

The lifestyle

Pretty, posh and English. Fulham is one of the best places in London to live out your Jane Austen fantasies, taking afternoon tea. Imagine yourself as a regency-era Carrie Bradshaw.



About the city

London is a city where you will never run out of things to do. The capital of England is well known for its famous, iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben, St. Paul’s cathedral, amongst thousands and thousands more. Then there’s the British cultural heritage, best displayed by its impressive architecture and the huge museums.

However, we know that students also care a lot about a city’s nightlife and atmosphere. This city never sleeps! Pubs, bars, clubs, warehouse afterparties, you name it: London has it all.

When it comes to finding a place to live in London, you know you can count on Uniplaces to help you!