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London, United Kingdom

Dalston is one of East London's hipster heartlands. Traditionally working-class it now includes the two neighbourhoods of Kingsland and Shacklewell whilst being really close to Shoreditch, so it's beginning to become a hipsters area. The area has always had a huge shifting immigrants population, from Jews, to the Caribbean community to modern influxes of Turks and Poles. Dalston is a typical multicultural area that is becoming more and more fashionable. Housing in Dalston is in keeping with the London norm. You'll be lucky to get anything for less than £150 but there are more cheap options than in areas closer to the centre. The majority of the housing in Dalston is a combination of 19th and 20th century properties and post-war council estates. Living in Dalston is convenient for those studying at London Metropolitan University or the University of East London. It's also close enough to the centre to commute to many other major campuses. Dalston is connected to the wider city by Dalston Kingsland (Overground) or Dalston Junction (Overground) and potentially by a new Dalston station as part of Crossrail 2.

The neighbours

Bearded sock-less hipsters and a huge international community. People from Dhaka, Denmark or Dnepropetrovsk are just as likely to live next door as people Derby or Dundee.

Interesting points

Fassett Square if you're into Brit TV culture. This square in Dalston was the inspiration for Albert Square in the famous London TV soap opera EastEnders.

You will fall in love with

With 2 great bars: Ruby's cocktail bar and speakeasy, down an old back alley, and the Prince George, which still has that "proper pub" atmosphere.

The lifestyle

Cheap, rugged and international, with a almost instant access to an large amount of clubs, bars and independent restaurants, Dalston is highly liveable (but, some might say, slightly pretentious).



About the city

London is a city where you will never run out of things to do. The capital of England is well known for its famous, iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben, St. Paul’s cathedral, amongst thousands and thousands more. Then there’s the British cultural heritage, best displayed by its impressive architecture and the huge museums.

However, we know that students also care a lot about a city’s nightlife and atmosphere. This city never sleeps! Pubs, bars, clubs, warehouse afterparties, you name it: London has it all.

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