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London, United Kingdom

Bloomsbury is artistic and intellectual - this lovely neighbourhood is home to many of London's major universities. It has always been a centre for arts, education and medicine. Aside from living in university halls, if you can find a room in the area you will be incredibly close to not just universities, but to places like Oxford Street and to the rest of central London. Pretty and historic, Bloomsbury is a perfect place to live in London. On sunny days, hundreds of people from nearby universities will fill the gardens and parks. As usual, prices for rooms in a central neighbourhood like this will be high. Most rooms are in small high-rise buildings or in old, and very pretty, Victorian and Georgian houses. Bloomsbury is a huge educational hub, you can walk to any of these universities: SOAS, University College London, City University, Birkbeck College, RADA, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a mass of other smaller colleges and campuses for foreign institutions. You can also easily reach universities like LSE or The University of Westminster on the tube.

The neighbours

Middle-aged academics and retired poets. Might not sound particularly sexy, but gives the neighbourhood its charm.

Interesting points

Russel Square gardens on a sunny day is very good fun. Pack a picnic, bring some beers. The farmer's market is lovely too.

You will fall in love with

The cultural history in this place is incredible. Almost every house has a 'blue plaque' explaining its rich history.

The lifestyle

Intellectual, busy and metropolitan, Bloomsbury is the main educational area of the city. Harder to live in than it is to work and study, it's a perfect option if you can afford it.



About the city

London is a city where you will never run out of things to do. The capital of England is well known for its famous, iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben, St. Paul’s cathedral, amongst thousands and thousands more. Then there’s the British cultural heritage, best displayed by its impressive architecture and the huge museums.

However, we know that students also care a lot about a city’s nightlife and atmosphere. This city never sleeps! Pubs, bars, clubs, warehouse afterparties, you name it: London has it all.

When it comes to finding a place to live in London, you know you can count on Uniplaces to help you!