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London, United Kingdom

Bayswater is a slightly rich and wildly cosmpolitan. It’s close to Paddington Station, in the northwest of central London. It’s next to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. It has a large amount of restaurants, pubs and shops and a really great community feel. As is usal with this type of area, rent is high. Rents tend to very between ‘just expensive’ and ‘ridiculously prohibitive.’ It's probably a bit too expensive for the average student, but if you can afford to live here, in one of the beautiful terraces, then it is a perfect area to experience and explore central London. Ironically, living in Bayswater is most convenient for those studying at the Royal College of Art. It’s also close to the Imperial College in Knightsbridge, but you can always get to other nearby universities quickly, such as SOAS, The University of London, The University of Westminster or City University.

The neighbours

From all over the world. Bayswater is one of London's more multicultural areas. It has a large Arab, Greek and Brazilian presence alongside Americans and local Londoners. Expect a true melting pot.

Interesting points

The Porchester Spa in the area is an old Victorian bathhouse, complete with sauna, steam rooms and plunge pools. It was recently restored and is a classic, and historic, way to relax.

You will fall in love with

The incredible location, mostly. But maybe also with the amazing amount of ethnic food on offer or all the events in Hyde part, especially the Winter Wonderland.

The lifestyle

Cultured, modern and historic and very comfortable, Bayswater is a rich area with a multi-cultural feel.



About the city

London is a city where you will never run out of things to do. The capital of England is well known for its famous, iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben, St. Paul’s cathedral, amongst thousands and thousands more. Then there’s the British cultural heritage, best displayed by its impressive architecture and the huge museums.

However, we know that students also care a lot about a city’s nightlife and atmosphere. This city never sleeps! Pubs, bars, clubs, warehouse afterparties, you name it: London has it all.

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