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London, United Kingdom

Barnet is a little far out, in the north of London. This neighbourhood is carved out of parts of London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire on the capital's edge. The suburb has a good selection of parks and a strong mixed racial heritage but is now on the more expensive end of the spectrum. Although it contains Middlesex University, many parts of Barnet are more 'perfect English suburbia' than 'studentville'.

If you're willing to live a bit far from the centre of London then accommodation is a bit cheaper here. Rooms go for as little as £100 per week but many are still around the London average of £150-200. As Barnet has a large population of over 300,000, you can find anything - mansions, houses, terraces, even modern flats in the area. The University's five halls cost anything from £135-174 per week.

Living in Barnet is most convenient for studying at Middlesex University, which is based in Hendon. It might not be the best choice for any university out of the city centre as it will take a lengthy commute. In terms of transport it is connected to the wider city by the tube at the ends of the Northern Line.

The neighbours

Barnet has the highest Chinese population of any area of the capital combined with a large Jewish population. Still, expect quite a few people to be older, more conservative and very rich.

You'll fall in love with

Barnet Football Club. Small and not very famous, Barnet are a properly traditional British football team. Currently in League 2, they are a lot more affordable than nearby big brothers Arsenal.

Interesting points

The Royal Air Force Museum, with its collection of 100 aircraft, is a must-see for anyone willing to learn about the Battle of Britain or just the history of British air power.

The lifestyle

Studenty, if you live near to Middlesex University, distinctly middle-class and conservative if you don't.

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