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Welcome to Graça

Lisbon, Portugal

Situated next to São Jorge’s Castle, Graça is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lisbon, located in one of the 7 Lisbon’s hills. The neighbourhood’s life is made around the central square, Largo da Graça, but the most stunning views are in the famous Santa Graça viewpoint. The typical neighbourhood, is full of narrow streets where you will find cake shops and restaurants, mostly frequented by locals.
If you come to live here, be prepared to walk, the neighbourhood’s plan, makes it hard for public transportation to reach some of the narrowest streets. However, we promise you the most stunning views of the city and a true experience of living as a local.

The neighbours

Graça houses both residents who were born and new residents seeking to live in the typical neighbourhood,

You'll fall in love with

With the stunning views over the city.

Interesting points

Nossa Senhora do Monte viewpoint.

The lifestyle

Experience the typical side of Lisbon.

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