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Lisbon, Portugal

All of Lisbon's most popular beaches are in Costa da Caparica. On the south side of the river (so, technically not Lisbon) Costa da Caparica is a huge stretch of beaches. The seaside bars and restaurants attract hundreds of people over weekends or even at the end of a sunny day

Many of the houses and apartments of Costa da Caparica are only occupied during the Summer and weekends, but it still has a great quality of life throughout the whole year. The many great surf spots nearby mean this neighbourhood is perfect if you're counting on doing some surfing throughout the year. Do remember that Costa isn't that close to many of Lisbon's universities, though - so if you have to go into class everyday, you might spend a lot of time travelling back and forth. The only campus in Caparica is Universidade Nova's Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (Applied Sciences and Technology).

To get to Lisbon from Costa da Caparica you can take a bus, trains or ferries. If you don't have your own car or bike, transportation takes about 40 minutes to one hour from Costa to Lisbon. If you have your own car - avoid the rush hour! Traffic jams over the bridge are legendary.

The neighbours

You'll only see some neighbours during the weekends or through the summer. On the other hand, away from the seaside, you'll find many people have moved to Caparica to escape Lisbon's high rents.

You'll fall in love with

There's nothing quite like spreading out on the sand or drinking a beer with friends at a bar at the end of the day! This is the kind of lifestyle you don't get in most other European cities.

Interesting points

"Bar do Barbas" is probably Caparica's most famous beachside bar and restaurant. It's Benfica-themed and ran by a Portuguese football icon, so attracts all kinds of Football fans. Worth visiting!

The lifestyle

It's great to live close to the sea! Diving in the Atlantic every day, making the most of Lisbon's 300 sunny days a year, is just priceless.

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