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Welcome to Campolide

Lisbon, Portugal

The hills in Lisbon hide the quiet neighbourhood of Campolide. The neighbourhood with buildings constructed on the 70’s is heavily built up. The area used to be a dormitory nighbourhood, but nowadays there is increased activity during the day. With both local groceries stores and the big shopping centre Amoreiras, you can get everything you need. Although this is a quiet neighborhood, there is traffic passing here in the rush hours, mostly coming from the city centre. Although Campolide is not connected to the metro grid, it has various bus routes.
The neighbourhoood is a top choice for students attending NOVA University.

The neighbours

Seniors, families and young people populate Campolide.

You'll fall in love with

With the neighbourhood calm atmosphere.

Interesting points

Aqueduto das Águas Livres has the city's old water distribution system.

The lifestyle

Quiet and safe neighbourhood.