Campo Grande

Campo Grande

Lisbon - Portugal

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Campo Grande

Lisbon, Portugal

Campo Grande isn't only one of the busiest neighbourhoods in Lisbon, it's probably one of the parts of town with most students. That's because Lisbon's central campus, Cidade Universitária, is exactly in Campo Grande. The neighbourhood is very green and has plenty of trees. In fact, tall trees line most of the roads around here. Campo Grande is a major avenue, with all the pros and cons that that includes. For example: it has everything you need, from banks to cafés. But it can also get a little crazy and chaotic, because of constant car traffic and with so many people constantly going through. Getting around Campo Grande is ridiculously easy: choose wheter you prefer to take a bus, the metro, or a cab and get going. You can easily get from Campo Grande to any neighbourhood in Lisbon.

The neighbours

Students, students and students. Which makes the atmosphere great!

Interesting points

The crazy statue that leads up to Cidade Universitária (pictured above). It's a perfect place to have fun with a camera (or smartphone) and four or five friends.

You will fall in love with

Lisbon's student life. It's relaxed, it's social and it's friendly. If there's one place to feel all of that, it's the campus of Universidade de Lisboa, also known as Cidade Universitária.

The lifestyle

Really fast-paced! Drivers are rushing through and the pedestrians keep running. This is the kind of neighbourhood you'll appreciate if you're into bustle.



About the city

Lisbon is a laid back city that likes to eat, drink and dance.

It has all the culture and events of a European capital, but it’s a city you can enjoy at a much slower pace. Make the most of the awesome weather at the beaches, chilling at riverside cafés or sunbathing in the city’s gardens.

From enjoying a few beers in the streets, to crazy Erasmus events in bars and clubs, there are parties to go to every night.

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