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Welcome to Bica

Lisbon, Portugal

Bica is one of Lisbon's most typical areas. Rua da Bica itself is a really steep, narrow road that connects the street-party hot-spot Bairro Alto or down to the more bohemian Cais do Sodré. If you want to experience some old-school Lisbon and enjoy that feeling of walking through postcards, this is the neighbourhood for you.

The trams going up and down Bica make it an obligatory stop for tourists during the day. But it's also quickly becoming a trendy, hip street to have a drink on the streets at night. The tiny bars have a great vibe and people gather in the hundreds to have a drink out on the steps.

Getting up and down Bica is easy if you take the so-called elevator (it's sort of like a tram). After that, you'll find most transportation around the area to be from Cais Do Sodré - there you'll find Green Line metro, 3 or 4 tram lines and over a dozen different buses.

The neighbours

A bit of everything. It's the kind of neighbourhood that attracts a bit of the "airbnb crowd", especially on weekends. There are also some old ladies, a few young couples and the occasional student.

You'll fall in love with

Without getting too poetic? You fall in love with how some streets of Bica look exactly like a postcard of Lisbon 150 years ago.

Interesting points

Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo, known simply as Bica, is its own point of interest. During the day, when it attracts curious tourists, and during the night, when students and locals come for a drink.

The lifestyle

Very, very typical. The lifestyle in Lisbon doesn't get more typical than living in Bica. All the buildings are hundreds of years old (though most apartments have been recently restored).


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