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Lisbon, Portugal

Amadora is a city within the Metropolitan Lisbon where you can find a large cultural diversity and a wide range of housing at convenient prices. Amadora has everything you'll need to fulfil your every whim, from local commerce to the biggest shopping centre in the country (Dolce Vita Tejo). Travelling into Lisbon is really easy and only takes 15 minutes by train. But that's not all! Amadora’s public transport network is pretty big, and trains, the metro and buses are great options that make moving around Lisbon a simple task. This city has achieved the perfect balance between urban and green spaces. In different spots around Amadora, you'll find gardens and structures where you can spend some quality time practising sports - or just taking your daily walk. Amadora is known for its promotion of cultural events. Amadora’s International Comic Book Festival is one of the most well-known gatherings in Europe specialised on the matter. You can also find museums, art galleries and others spaces dedicated to all sorts of exhibitions.

The neighbours

The people of Amadora are from a large variety of backgrounds and cultures, and you'll find people from every age possible. However, you will see there are lots of students around the city.

Interesting points

If you're a fan of comic books, go to Amadora’s International Comic Book Festival, which takes place once a year. It's a great way to meet some of the most funniest artists in the business.

You will fall in love with

If you love shopping, you'll love Dolce Vita Tejo! But Amadora is scattered with good restaurants. Try Maria Azeitona, where you can have some snacks with friends or enjoy a nice Portuguese meal.

The lifestyle

Amadora is usually lively during the day, with lots of shops and offices running during the day. Nights are calm, but there's always an open bar where you and your friends can have a few drinks!



About the city

Lisbon is a laid back city that likes to eat, drink and dance.

It has all the culture and events of a European capital, but it’s a city you can enjoy at a much slower pace. Make the most of the awesome weather at the beaches, chilling at riverside cafés or sunbathing in the city’s gardens.

From enjoying a few beers in the streets, to crazy Erasmus events in bars and clubs, there are parties to go to every night.

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