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Lisbon, Portugal

Algés in an area located by the Tejo River. While the part located near the river is more residential, the northern area houses office buildings of big national and international firms. Algés has several supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and some parks for relaxing strolls.With the river as a background, the neighbourhood has stunning sunsets. Also, Faculdade de Motricidade Humana is located here, attracting foreign students that come to study here. Passeio Marítimo de Algés is where some of the biggest concerts in Lisbon happen and also the famous summer festival NOS Alive with big names in the international music scene. Algés is not connected to the metro grid, but with trains passing by every 20 minutes, you can reach one of the trendiest areas for a night out – Cais do Sodré – in few minutes.

The neighbours

Many people living here work in Lisbon. The area gains new life during the summer.

Interesting points

Aquário Vasco da Gama is an aquarium with several fishes and other sea species.

You will fall in love with

Where does the biggest university party of the country happen? Here What about the best music festival in Portugal? Also here.

The lifestyle

Located halfway between Lisbon and the beach area, you get the best of two worlds.



About the city

Lisbon is a laid back city that likes to eat, drink and dance.

It has all the culture and events of a European capital, but it’s a city you can enjoy at a much slower pace. Make the most of the awesome weather at the beaches, chilling at riverside cafés or sunbathing in the city’s gardens.

From enjoying a few beers in the streets, to crazy Erasmus events in bars and clubs, there are parties to go to every night.

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