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Welcome to Ajuda

Lisbon, Portugal

Living in Ajuda is enjoying life a little slower. Between typical Belém and trendy Alcantâra, this neighbourhood is old-fashioned, friendly and affordable. It's also very close to Monsanto hill, one of Lisbon's prime jogging and cycling spots.

There are several campuses nearby, which means the areay has quite a few students. UTL, Lisboa's University, has a huge campus at the top of the hill but there's also Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa and Restart, the Creativity School closer to the river.

Transportation in Ajuda is easy: you have tons of bus options and the tram (15E and others) run all through the day and up until 1am.

The neighbours

It's a strange mix of students and old, friendly people who have lived here for fifty years or more. The students are brought in because of affordable rent prices and closeness to campuses.

You'll fall in love with

Taking the wooden Tram into town every day. That's really really cool - and it's one of those experiences that's unique to Lisbon

Interesting points

The Ajuda Palace, a huge palace in Ajuda neighbourhood. It's enormous, it's beautiful and it's very worth exploring.

The lifestyle

The lifestyle is slow and easy, it's all about enjoying life in the local cafés, listening to the locals talk and walking by the riverside.


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Entire property Available from 01 Apr

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