Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin - Germany

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Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin, Germany

Prenzlauer Berg is a thriving district that combines pre-war architecture and modern luxurious buildings. Here you will find some of the city’s most renowned cafes and restaurants, as well as street markets and colourful boutiques. During sunny days, people gather at one of the many parks the neighbourhood has to spend time with friends while drinking a beer or listening to an outdoor concert. The neighbourhood has some historical landmarks including a piece of still-standing Berlin wall. During night, Prenzlauer Berg has numerous bars all within a short distance from each other. Either you’re in a mood for cocktail bars, wine bars or a brewery; you will find it all in Prenzlauer Berg.

The neighbours

Young couples and university students.

Interesting points

The Mauerpark is a must see in Berlin and a gathering point for people from all ages who come to see the famous karaoke sessions.

You will fall in love with

With the outdoor life.

The lifestyle

There are always plenty new things to try in this neighbourhood.

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About the city

Studying in Berlin is a truly international experience. Students from all over the world concentrate in the German capital and form an incredible, multi-cultural environment. At the same time, the city is also the best place to immerse yourself in German culture, and its local diversity.

Berlin is a lively, vivid city that is constantly evolving with new trends. Berlin is also a great city for young entrepreneurs. After all, it is Europe’s startup capital! Here, students can participate and contribute in several ambitious projects at the same time as they study.

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