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Welcome to Neukölln

Berlin, Germany

With a hip vibe, Neukölln is a neighbourhood where everything is new. The neighbourhood’s busy streets are covered in graffiti, with very cool paintings.
During the day the neighbourhood often referred to as “Little Istanbul” is where you can find cafes and Turkish restaurants and markets where you can try Turkish-style soup and traditional Turkish tea. The street Pflügerstraße is a popular area for a Sunday brunch as the entire street is lined with one cafe after the other.
As the sun goes down, the neighbourhood reveals its array of bars. Neukölln is where you can experiment Berlin’s night time like a local. Although the area is known among the Berliners, not many tourists come here.

The neighbours

The neighbourhood is full of Berliners, no tourists in here!

You'll fall in love with

The streets are covered in street art, giving the neighbourhood a raw urban edge.

Interesting points

Britzer Garden is a vast park tucked away in the heart of Neukölln.

The lifestyle

Neukölln is full of Turkish specialities that you can taste.

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