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Welcome to Kreuzberg

Berlin, Germany

Kteuzberg is something else. The unique neighbourhood has a strong punk vibe that is shown through an alternative culture, as the street-art enthusiasts cover the walls of the decay buildings with rebellious graffiti. Kreuzeberg is an outdoor art exhibition where everyone is welcome to join.
This irreverent neighbourhood is full of. cafes, vintage shops, and music venues. Strongly influenced by the Turkish community that lives here, the neighbourhood has many shawarma stands that are open during the night.
In Kreuzeberg the daytime is simply the rehearsal for the night activities. It’s during the night that the real fun starts in the bohemian neighbourhood.

The neighbours

Bohemians and artists share the space in Kreuzberg.

You'll fall in love with

The neighbourhood is an outdoor gallery with free admission. Impressive graffiti covers the walls on the old buildings.

Interesting points

Markthalle Neun is an everyday food market that hosts a weekly Street Food Thursday event with food from around the world.

The lifestyle

Irreverent and rebellious, the neighbourhood maintains the spirit that give him its reputation.

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