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Berlin, Germany

Friedrichshain is Berlin’s outdoor gallery. Here, not only walls, but entire buildings serve as canvases for artists. Friedrichshain is growing and thriving with a number of fantastic restaurants and bars that offer delicious meals. Warschauer Strasse is the heart of the district by night. Here you will find international bars for the masses and live alternative music in the streets. The best way to end a night out in Friedrichshain is sitting by the Spree River at the East side gallery. This is the longest and best preserved piece of the Berlin Wall and one of Berlin’s most famous tourist attractions.

The neighbours

Performing artists and young families populate Friedrichshain.

Interesting points

The East Side Gallery memorial is the longest stretch of the Berlin wall that remains in the city today.

You will fall in love with

With the Outdoor markets.

The lifestyle

The hip vibe is all over the place.

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About the city

Studying in Berlin is a truly international experience. Students from all over the world concentrate in the German capital and form an incredible, multi-cultural environment. At the same time, the city is also the best place to immerse yourself in German culture, and its local diversity.

Berlin is a lively, vivid city that is constantly evolving with new trends. Berlin is also a great city for young entrepreneurs. After all, it is Europe’s startup capital! Here, students can participate and contribute in several ambitious projects at the same time as they study.

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