Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta (Nou Barris)

Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta (Nou Barris)

Barcelona - Spain

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Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta (Nou Barris)

Barcelona, Spain

In the north of Barcelona lies Vilapicina i Torre Llobeta. The neighbourhood is the oldest in the district of Nou Barris . Currently, Vilapicina i Torre Llobeta is a residential neighbourhood in a quiet area that allows you to escape the city rush. The neighbourhood is mostly inhabited by Spanish that keep this a typical neighbourhood. This is one of Barcelona’s greenest areas. Many parks, such as Parc Turó de la Peira, Parc Esportiu de Can Dragó and the amazing Parc Central de Nou Barris, are located here. The neighbourhood is located 15 minutes away from Barcelona’s centre and it is served by the city’s metro grid.

The neighbours

There are many Spanish coming from all over the country living in this area.

Interesting points

Santa Eulalia de Vilapicina is composed by the church and the Ca n'Artés and Can Basté medieval buildings.

You will fall in love with

The neighbourhood is very well-connected to the city centre.

The lifestyle

The neighbourhood has a peaceful atmosphere and offers several services.



About the city

Coming to study in Barcelona is life-changing. The capital of the Catalan region is home to Spain’s two best-ranked universities, and is one of the world’s most exciting cities. Here, you’ll find everything from great architecture, performing arts, and cultural centres, to economic hubs leading the way towards the future.

Studying in Barcelona is more than just that – it’s an adventure. The friends you make, the great weather you’ll enjoy, all contribute to this city’s charm.

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